Imagine finding yourself with the one you love, the one you will say 'I do' with, on a picture-postcard beach on the Island of Maui. Balmy trade-winds rustle the fronds of tall swaying palms,
hula-dancing against the back-drop of an azure sky.
The sand beneath you tickles your toes; your heart sighs and smiles... The gentle surf lapping along the shore washes clean the footprints that came before yours. Ahead of you is a new life together. This is the day you've dreamed of since you were a little girl. This is the place you've seen, if only in your dreams...

...The setting sun paints the sky above you with a palette of colours that you've never before seen--even in those dreams of yours! The smiling
Hawai'ian minister blows the conch-shell once, then again; this is your queue to begin your walk down the petal-lined 'aisle' which your coordinator has creatively fashioned on the pink coral sand.
As the ukulele player strums and begins to sing the  'Hawaiian Wedding Song', the fragrance of pi'ikake blossoms fills the air around you as they fall from the hands of the graceful hula girl.
Your photographer
makes eye contact with you and smiles, reassuring you that you look positively radiant!

Tiki torches softly illuminate the face of your fiance who stands encircled in in a flower heart; he smiles at your approach... This is the moment. Your day has arrived. No longer a dream, but your dream wedding on Maui...

~copyright 2008~Carrll Robilotta~

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Welcome to Ki'i Nani Photography! Based in beautiful Kapalua on the magical Island of Maui, Hawaii--the top wedding destination in the world! Ki'i Nani Photography offers professional & personable wedding photography services at very reasonable rates. Whether your Maui wedding plans entail a traditional ceremony at one of the Island's historic churches or a simple but romantic sunset ceremony on one of Maui's beautiful beaches with just the two of you, the minister, and a photographer, you can count on Ki'i Nani Photography to 'capture the magic and preserve the moment' of your Maui dream wedding.

Apart from quality digital and film photography options, you can also count on us to help you coordinate every aspect of your Maui wedding, such as arranging for a minister, musician, videographer, flowers, cake, limo, and anything else you can dream of for your big day! ...And when it's all said and done, the images we capture from your Maui wedding will be memories you and your family cherish for a lifetime!

Ki'i Nani Photography and your Maui Island you and your fiance: a match made in Heaven!

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